Resources Guidance

There are many types of resources that can be used to improve impact practice. This guidance provides a short introduction to the different categories featured on this site and how they might be used.

Database and Case Management Systems

These could range from electronic filing systems in which to record beneficiary or staff details, through to full case management systems for tracking participant interaction, progress and outcomes. This category also includes project and data management platforms that integrate with other tools and outcome measures.

Diagnostic Tools

On this site, diagnostic tools are resources that are used to assess organisational health and to identify ways in which those organisations’ impact practice might be improved. They do not include resources that are used to assess beneficiary needs.

Guidance and Research Reports

These are published guidance documents and research reports that can help organisations to understand and implement actions designed to improve their impact practice such as the design and development of a theory of change or the selection of an appropriate outcome measure.


These are resources that don’t easily fit into the other categories.

Public Data Sets

Public data sets are local, regional or national sets of aggregated data that can be used to benchmark organisational effectiveness or to better target interventions at the areas of greatest need, such as the Indices of Deprivation or crime statistics.

Specific Impact and Outcome Measures

These are resources that are designed to measure progress towards or the achievement of target outcomes or the overall impact of an organisation. They might include a whole range of wellbeing measures, economic impact assessments, psychometric scales and other resources that measure change.

Support and Training

Support and Training is provided by individual experts and agencies that specialise in providing advice on how to improve organisations’ impact practice. The particular specialisms of listed organisations can be reviewed and then they can be contacted directly for support whilst some organisations have listed documents that can be downloaded for free.

Surveys and Quick Feedback

These are questionnaires, surveys and quick feedback methods that can be used to explore participant, volunteer, staff and other stakeholder perceptions and experiences of organisations’ work as well as to assess the needs and circumstances of the people and organisations you work with.

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