• Date of release: 2012
  • Type: Database & case management systems
  • Sectors:
    Citizenship and communities, Community development, Mental health, Physical health, Sport
  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Cost: Paid for
  • Developer/Author: Football Foundation
  • Website:
  • Provider Number: +44 (0) 20 7842 8899
  • Provider Email:

Upshot is an online system to manage, monitor and evaluate community projects that use sport or other activity to tackle wider social issues. It is designed for funding and delivery organisations alike, to provide deeper insight and make it much easier for organisations to run their projects and gather all the data they need to evaluate impact and ‘show off’ their work.


Upshot aims to make monitoring and evidencing easy by embedding it in all aspects of an organisation’s work.

The system does this by providing easy-to-use project management tools that ensure that all quantitative and qualitative evidence is collected and classified as part of day-to-day work.

The system can store an unlimited number of outcomes and strategies and it links all activity and evidence to these objectives to make reporting against them easy.

The system can be used for multiple projects and have any number of users and shows live data anywhere with an internet connection it’s fully functional on a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Features include allowing users to complete online registers and case notes and record qualifications and other indicators of an individual’s progression.

The system also allows users to email individuals, store photos and other media and provides a ‰’dashboard‰’ with alerts and reminders that something is overdue or data is incomplete.

Upshot also allows users to survey individuals and collate results and automatically show participants on a map, which can be overlaid with data from ONS.

Users of Upshot can set an unlimited number of quantitative and qualitative performance indicators, track progress towards targets and display this on an online ‘dashboard’.

As with any system, being able to extract data easily to allow it to be further analysed is crucial – Upshot has a comprehensive range of reporting tools that gives granular or summary information across any number of projects or areas of work and this data can be downloaded easily to Word or Excel.


Full email and telephone support for all users included in the licence cost and there are a number of paper and video user guides that are regularly updated and provided free.

All enhancements and upgrades provided free of charge to all users.

Case Study

County Durham Sport

“We needed to find a more efficient solution to allow organisations we fund to track and report on the progress of their projects, moving away from paper based and spreadsheet systems and at the same time allowing us to apply a robust evaluation framework and process. Upshot has provided us with this solution and has importantly allowed us to implement a more automated approach to the follow up of individual participants, significantly reducing weeks of administrative time spent and minimising costs compared to the previous projects and programmes we ran.”

Andrew Power, Strategic Manager (Physical Activity)

Swindon Borough Council

“Upshot is really simple to use! It allows you to copy sessions and registers, which allows for quick attendance recording. Their ‘Calendar’ is a really good way to view all sessions and everything is simple to understand. The support team are really helpful and quick at getting back to you and sorting things out if you can’t work it out yourself.”

Charlie Johnson, Street Games Swindon Project Co-ordinator

South Staffordshire Council

“We have been using the system for just over a year and it’s now a lot easier to report to our commissioners. Contractors used to submit data on a quarterly basis, but the information can now go straightaway to the commissioner. Investing in this system has freed a lot of capacity elsewhere within my team.”

Mark Jenkinson, District Public Health Development Officer

Doncaster Community Arts

“Upshot gives us the ability to record individual engagement, to track people’s journeys and outcomes across lots of different projects. The reporting tool is invaluable, as is the fact that we can map participants against demographic data, to allow us to see the things we do compared to areas of social deprivation or market segmentation.”

Duncan Robertshaw, Co Director

Existing Users

  • Fight for Peace
  • Leeds University
  • Mayor of London
  • The FA
  • Nordoff Robbins
  • The Rank Foundation
  • Croydon Council
  • Sport England
  • Westway
  • Newground Housing Association

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