The Transformational Index

The main tool – and core offering – of the TI Group is the Transformational Index workshop. This has been used with over 200 organisations – social enterprises, charities, foundations & funds, and social investors.

The workshop, run by an experienced facilitator, enables organisations to adopt new language to describe the specific type of impact they hope to achieve. Based on this, a visual model of transformation is developed, which describes the process by which transformation occurs. Finally, TI then works with organisations to put in place creative and practical ways to measure to what extent this transformative story is being enacted.

After the workshop organisations receive a bespoke report that captures the learning from the workshop and offers insight and analysis on your organisation’s model of transformation and critical reflection on your measurement framework.


The work involves four stages: preparation, a workshop, a report and infographic, and joining a community of learning and practice (optional).

  1. We ask the organization to send us any written summary of what it is seeking to do, such as a statement of mission, vision or values. We also have a short questionnaire for team members to fill in individually before they participate in the workshop.
  2. We run a workshop with the core team of an organization. This typically lasts about three hours, depending on the size of the group. The workshop uses the TI to help the group describe how it seeks to have an impact (the underlying components of and model for transformation) using a forced ranking exercise. Our facilitators use this as the basis for identifying and prioritising meaningful measures of impact, in discussion with the group.
  3. We provide a summary report of the workshop, including a simple framework for tracking the chosen impact measures, together with further comments or actions. We also prepare an infographic to summarise the measures visually.
  4. The organisation then joins (optional) the Transformational Index community of learning and practice which facilitates creative learning and collaboration around impact, measurement and best practice for social change.

Follow up support is currently available on a consultancy basis. Please ask! Based on the Transformational Index workshop and report, we have provided support for investment readiness, fundraising, and organisational development. We also work with funds and foundations, measuring the impact both of the fund’s aims and also the particular projects that have received funding.

The Transformational Index

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