The SOUL Record

  • Date of release: 2006
  • Type: Diagnostic tools
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: City College Norwich and Voluntary Norfolk
  • Provider Email:

The SOUL Record offers an effective method of measuring progression in soft outcomes and informal learning, such as increases in confidence, self-esteem and problem solving. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to help an individual identify changes they want to make in their life and can assist practitioners to ‘get to know’ new service users.


The SOUL Record uses three main methodologies (solution focussed questionnaires, one-to-one worksheets and observational techniques) for collecting data on soft outcome progression. Separate sections are available for use with children, young people and adults.

Thirty six bespoke adaptation questionnaires have also been developed for tailored projects,support, including parents, healthy living, working with older people and domestic violence. Organisations select from a range of questionnaires, worksheets and observation sheets, choosing the resources best suited to an individual client’s needs.

The toolkit concentrates on what the individual can do, rather than things they have been unable to achieve and it is intended as a positive experience. By measuring changes over time in outcomes such as confidence, self-esteem and the acquisition of practical skills etc., organisations are able to demonstrate the distance that individuals or groups have travelled. Clients score the extent to which they agree or disagree with statements (1-6) and from their own assessment set goals and/or steps to aim for and achieve. Practitioners input client scores into the web based toolkit which generates statistical data and visual graphs which can be used as evidence to demonstrate progress.

The SOUL Record is a useful resource for both one-to-one work and group work and can be used to collate scores in group is suitable for projects where there is face to face contact with individuals over a period of time, including family support, classes, courses and other support programmes. Talking a client through The SOUL Record can act as an important part of establishing a relationship especially when working with vulnerable individuals. For organisations, it can help pinpoint where an individual may require extra support or guidance. Data from The SOUL Record can be used to assess the impact of specific projects or organisational initiatives and to support funding applications.


Online IT support is available to users experiencing difficulties with the toolkit or general enquiries as to use. The SOUL Record is designed to be self-taught through the mandatory completion of an online training package. This is to ensure that all registered users are fully conversant with the current toolkit of The SOUL Record and use the package correctly and appropriately.

Additional Consultancy and Bespoke training are available if organisations, individuals require specific advice and/or in-house workshops to maximise the utilisation of The SOUL Record or for organisations who wish for multiple staff to be trained in The SOUL Record. The charge for additional Consultancy, training will depend on staff availability, location and degree of support required.

Existing Users

  • Bristol City Council
  • Spurgeons
  • Family Action
  • YMCA
  • Children’s Centres throughout the UK

The SOUL Record

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