• Date of release: 2014
  • Type: Database & case management systems
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Paid for
  • Developer/Author: Social E-valuator

Sinzer is a software platform for measuring impact, which helps you to make better decisions, improve your impact and be accountable to stakeholders.

Sinzer enables you to map your impact, collect data in an efficient way and analyze the results. It offers unprecedented features for businesses and projects to measure and manage impact.

Sinzer has been developed by Social E-valuator, a social enterprise with experience in impact measurement since 2008. Sinzer works with social enterprises, impact investors, philanthropic organisations, corporates, consultancy and audit firms around the world.


Save time

  • Efficient and easy data entry
  • Use databases filled with popular and approved impact data
  • Use templates that complete 705 of the data entry for you

Involve stakeholders

  • Create online surveys to collect data from stakeholders
  • Automatically insert the results in the analysis
  • Invite others to help you with your analysis

Show your results

  • Visualize your data in a clear dashboard
  • Share your charts and graphs with others
  • Export you results in Excel and Word

Analyze and compare

  • Copy and edit analyses for scenario planning
  • Aggregate the impact of multiple accounts
  • Benchmark this data and improve your impact

Customize your community

  • Create accounts for customers, business units, employees or members
  • Develop a custom frameworks for measuring impact (or choosing existing ones)
  • Customize your community with your own look and feel

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