Shared measurement: Greater than the sum of its parts

  • Date of release: 2016
  • Type: Guidance & research reports
  • Sectors:
    Arts and culture, Children and families, Citizenship and communities, Community development, Crime and public safety, Disability, Domestic violence, Education and learning, Employment and training, Environment, Housing and homelessness, Infrastructure support, International development, Mental health, Older people, Physical health, Sport, Substance use and addiction, Volunteering, Young people
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: Inspiring Impact

Shared measurement involves charities that work towards similar goals reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so.

This report from Inspiring Impact is a follow-up to the Blueprint for shared measurement. In it, Inspiring Impact analyses twenty approaches, some old and some new, to highlight benefits and challenges, as well as how shared measurement data is used to drive change and improvement.

This report is intended to inspire organisations to pursue shared measurement. Primarily, Inspiring Impact wanted to show that shared data can be powerful at helping to achieve social missions at a sector or sub-sector level.

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