Review your existing data during covid-19

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Review your existing data worksheet - COVID edition

Many charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups have to make tough decisions about their activities and resources. We are all looking for useful information to help us make those decisions and communicate our decisions with those we work with.

Reviewing your data is about asking yourself: What data do I have? Is it accurate and consistent? How is the data being used? Do I really need it? Am I missing anything important?

Our worksheet outlines a step-by-step process to help you to decide:

  • what information you do and don’t have about the people you work with;
  • what information is useful to you right now;
  • what information is missing and needed right now to make an effective decision.

At the end of the worksheet, you will be in a position to know what information you should continue collecting, what to stop collecting, and what to start collecting.

The process is designed to help you understand what information you need to adapt and shape your organisation’s services and influence change.

Download and complete it now!

This worksheet contains step-by-step guidance to help you review the type, quality, and purpose of your existing data to ensure you can make effective decisions during a crisis. We have also created an excel version to support you with larger quantities of information.

Keen to review your data as a team?

We know reviewing your data in isolation can lead to gaps in knowledge, so we have created a quick 30 Р45 minute team exercise to help start unpicking the info you need to fill in the worksheet.

We have prepared a series of slides (with notes) to help you run the exercise with your team.

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