Resource: ESS Reporting Template

  • Date of release: 2018
  • Type: Downloadable template
  • Sectors:
    Arts and culture, Children and families, Citizenship and communities, Community development, Crime and public safety, Disability, Domestic violence, Education and learning, Employment and training, Environment, Housing and homelessness, Infrastructure support, International development, Mental health, Older people, Physical health, Sport, Substance use and addiction, Volunteering, Young people
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: Evaluation Support Scotland and Scotland Funders' Forum.
  • Provider Email:

This template sets out what most funders are looking for in reports. It is taken from Harmonising Reporting – a document produced by ESS and Scotland Funders’ Forum.

This is what most funders are looking for reports and is a good place to start for funders in designing their requirements and funded organisations in preparing reports. It asks you to think about key questions and reflections in your work including:

  • What we’re we expected to do as an organisation?
  • What did we actually do? What was achieved?
  • What difference did we make?
  • The challenges and changes that occurred because of the work?#
  • Future learning.

ESS Reporting template

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