Outcomes Stars™

  • Type: Outcome measures & surveys
  • Sectors:
    Arts and culture, Children and families, Citizenship and communities, Community development, Crime and public safety, Disability, Domestic violence, Education and learning, Employment and training, Environment, Housing and homelessness, Infrastructure support, International development, Mental health, Older people, Physical health, Sport, Substance use and addiction, Volunteering, Young people
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: Paid for
  • Developer/Author: Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd
  • Website: http://www.outcomesstar.org.uk/
  • Provider Email: info@triangleconsulting.co.uk


The Outcomes Star is a family of evidence-based tools created by Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise that both measure and support change when working with people.  There are over 30 different ‘ready-made’ versions of the Star available, each tailored to a specific sector and co-created with services and service users.  As well as measuring outcomes, Outcomes Stars have been shown to empower and engage service users, support positive change and make key-work more consistent and outcomes focused.

Each version of the Star covers a defined set of outcome areas, which are presented as scales in a visually engaging Star shape. Each of these scales is underpinned by a Journey of Change – an explicit model of the small steps people take when working towards their goals – and accompanied descriptions of the behaviour, attitudes and skills likely to be present at each step.

Stars are completed collaboratively by a service user and a practitioner as part of one-to-one holistic support.  Together, they plot where someone is in each scale to help both parties understand what is going on for that service user, how they might want their life to change and what actions might help them get there.

Completing this process multiple times means progress is displayed visually on the Star Chart, which provides both practitioners and service users with an accessible and motivating summary of change.  Once enough Stars have been completed, services can collate this distance-travelled data to report on outcomes for their clients, examining both the bigger picture and specific learnings. Reports can cover the key outcomes of interest to commissioners, using a consistent format that facilitates learning across different services.

Stars are available in the following sectors, with new versions regularly published by Triangle:

  • Adult Care
  • Armed Forces Veterans
  • Autism and ADHD
  • Community
  • Criminal Justice
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Families and Children
  • Health
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Learning Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Older People
  • Substance Misuse
  • Young People

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