• Date of release: 2004
  • Type: Database & case management systems
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Paid for
  • Developer/Author: Lamplight Database Systems
  • Provider Email:

The Lamplight core system has been created through work with many different voluntary sector organisations and contains the functions most commonly needed by small to medium-sized organisations. These are listed below. Lamplight also has a number of additional modules that can be added to the core system as you need them. They can be added at any time so you can know that you have a future-proof system without feeling cluttered in the short term.

  1. Case management
    • Keep full user details
    • Record full details of work and outcomes
    • Add and edit your own fields
    • Set security clearance levels
    • Record key relationships (case worker, GP, relatives etc.)
  2. Diary
    • Fully interactive diary with drag and drop functions
    • Automatically updating
    • Set reminders
    • Manage your day to day tasks from the diary page
    • Room booking
  3. Communication
    • Create automatic mailing lists
    • Mail merge letters, texts or emails
    • One-click mailing labels
    • Email to those with email address, send letters to the rest with one-click
    • Format your letters and emails as you need to.
  4. Accurate Monitoring and reporting
    • Attendance and outcomes reporting
    • Attractive graphical displays
    • Print or export reports for further editing
    • Specify your own monitoring criteria
  5. Funders
    • Record full details of funders
    • Set reminders for applications or reports
    • Record applications made and grants received
  6. Search
    • Fully searchable data
    • Search facility on every page
    • Live search searches as you type
  7. Staff and volunteers
    • Set staff clearance levels
    • Record staff contact details
    • Record key relationships (case worker, funded by, volunteer)
    • Keep track of staff training and qualifications

Lamplight can provide implementation support packages at various levels to help organisations get set up. On-site or central training to help you get the most out of your system. There is a data migration service to transfer data from old systems to Lamplight.

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