General self-efficacy scale (GSE)

  • Date of release: 1995
  • Type: Outcome measures & surveys
  • Sector: Mental health
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: Ralf Schwarzer & Matthias Jerusalem
  • Provider Email:

This scale assesses a general sense of perceived self-efficacy. It aims to predict coping with daily hassles and adaptation after stressful life events. It can be used with young people aged 12 upwards and adults. This scale does not measure self-efficacy to perform a specific task, but general belief in the self to respond to life’s demands.

The scale is ten items, and the higher the score, the greater the person’s sense of self-efficacy and is¬†currently available in 32 languages.

It includes statements like,¬†“If I am in trouble, I can usually think of a solution” (1 = Not at all true, 2 = Hardly true, 3 = Moderately true, 4 = Exactly true).

There is also a free data set of 18,000 respondents for comparison data available via the website.

General self-efficacy scale (GSE)

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