Charitylog is an advanced CRM system which provides a means of managing the very stringent reporting demands now being placed on charities in the UK. Charitylog supports over 400 individual charities and over 40 Local Authorities who are now using the service.

Charitylog can help produce reports. It can secure data in one place, provide fully integrated client histories, case management, linked contacts, referrals, schedules etc. Charitylog can transform the running of your organisation, improve communication and efficiency and also free up valuable time spent on back office processes.

Charitylog’s generated reports can be a valuable aid when charities need to prepare for bids, and would be ideally suited to supporting Social Enterprises and Social Investment projects.

The system is provided as a fully managed ‘future proofed’ web-based service, so there are no hosting or hardware issues to contend with. All data is stored at a highly secure fully redundant purpose built data hosting centre in the UK.


The ‘core’ Charitylog program has a wide range of functionality so you can tailor it to your exact needs, as follows:

  • Recording contacts
  • Action lists & contact diary
  • Reports, mail merge
  • Managing Projects
  • Invoicing & budgets
  • Clubs & Clinics events planner
  • Branches
  • Volunteers
  • information & orgs
  • Handy person module
  • KPI Reports
  • Security
  • Carers organisations
  • Support workers
  • Assessment forms
  • Outcome ladders
  • HIA / care & repair
  • Healthwatch
  • Call-round (Mobile app for care staff)

There are additional optional modules for specific functions which may be purchased separately, such as:

  • Self-referral portal embedded in your website
  • Linking branches / multiple sites together
  • Assigning support workers and handy persons to tasks
  • Managing major repairs and funded jobs (HIA / Care and Repair)
  • Producing and exporting invoices for chargeable services to an accounts package


  • Collaborative project solutions
  • Portal links and web based data capture forms
  • Implementation and training
  • Data bench marking capture and analysis
  • Outcomes
  • Stand alone Impact measures (info-graphs and reporting)

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