Building a measurement framework: NPC’s four pillar approach

  • Date of release: 2014
  • Type: Guidance & research reports
  • Sectors:
    Arts and culture, Children and families, Citizenship and communities, Community development, Crime and public safety, Disability, Domestic violence, Education and learning, International development, Mental health, Older people, Physical health, Sport, Substance use and addiction, Volunteering, Young people
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: NPC
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Building an effective measurement framework depends on a strong foundation. It requires buy-in from senior staff and trustees, the investment of time and money, and a culture that is committed to learning and improving—only then can our four pillar approach be applied. And of course the development and implementation of a measurement framework is not an end in itself: to see the benefits you need to use the findings to review and improve your practices.

Building a measurement framework: NPC's four pillar approach

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