Are you leading for impact?

  • Date of release: 2013
  • Type: Guidance & research reports
  • Sectors:
    Arts and culture, Children and families, Citizenship and communities, Community development, Crime and public safety, Disability, Domestic violence, Education and learning, Employment and training, Environment, Housing and homelessness, Infrastructure support, International development, Mental health, Older people, Physical health, Sport, Substance use and addiction, Volunteering, Young people
  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: Inspiring Impact

This paper asks leaders in the voluntary sector to reflect on five questions relating to impact. Based on a mix of desk research and interviews with voluntary sector chief executives, it asks leaders in the voluntary sector to reflect on five questions relating to impact:

  1. How could focusing on impact help you do your job better?
  2. How could focusing on impact help with your long-term finances?
  3. Is focusing on impact the new normal?
  4. The time to prioritise impact: if not now, when?
  5. What could you do today to get started?

The guide is structured around these five questions, with most of the content based on case studies of individual voluntary sector leaders and the work they are doing to plan, understand and improve the impact they have.

We hope that the questions and case studies will encourage you to think more about your impact, and to act on your reflections. When we talk about ‘focusing on impact’, we do not just mean measuring impact, important though that is. Instead we mean thinking strategically about what impact you want to have and how best to achieve it, assessing what impact you’re having, communicating this information and learning from it. By ‘impact’ we mean the broad or longer-term effects of a project or organisation’s work.

This can include effects on people who are direct users of a project or organisation’s work,
effects on those who are not direct users, or effects on a wider field such as government

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