Apricot Case and Data Management Software for Charities

  • Date of release: 2008
  • Type: Database & case management systems
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Paid for
  • Developer/Author: Victoria Symons, Gallery Partnership

Apricot is a secure and flexible nonprofit software solution that offers case management, client, donor and volunteer tracking as well as superior outcomes management.

Apricot has multi-program tracking capabilities allowing the details of case and program management to be held in one central system. It keeps up-to-date with vigorous standards, and provides access control tools to keep sensitive data private as well as providing built-in permission sets to help control the flow of information to particular sets of users. It is UK Data Protection Act compliant.

Forms can be created to suit your organisations needs and data processes. You can drag and drop fields to quickly create and modify forms, as well as searching for, reviewing, and restoring deleted records.

Apricot also has a report builder to help organisations report on their impact. The report builder has a wide range of filtering options, and side-by-side comparisons for a complete view of assessments and measurements over time. These reports run in real-time. The outcome tool is flexible and customisable.

Apricot supports multiple languages, browsers, mobile and tablets devices.

Apricot Case and Data Management Software for Charities

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