Adolescent Sexual Behaviour Inventory (ASCBI)

  • Date of release: 2004
  • Type: Outcome measures & surveys
  • Sectors:
    Children and families, Domestic violence, Education and learning, Young people
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer/Author: Fredrich, W.N

This 45-item self report questionnaire is designed to measure sex-related behaviors that might suggest a need for intervention. It assesses sexual risk taking, nonconforming sexual behaviors, sexual interest, and sexual avoidance/discomfort in adolescents aged 12-18. Behaviours are rated on a 3 point scale (1=not true, 2=somewhat true, 3=very true).

There is also a version that caregivers can complete.

Adolescent Sexual Behaviour Inventory (ASCBI)

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