Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit

Published3rd June 2014

The toolkit helps organisations measure and assess the impact of their volunteering programmes on a variety of different stakeholders. It can be adapted to their individual situation and used to develop comparable and systematic data.


A practical guide for assessing the difference that volunteering makes.

The VIAT provides guidance on the following:

1. Identifying why you want to undertake a volunteering assessment;

2. Identifying the scale of the assessment and the resources you will need;

3. Identifying and prioritising the differences you want to assess and the groups you want to focus on;

4. Choosing the tools for your assessment;

5. Undertaking the assessment;

6. Analysing the results of the assessment;

7. Using the findings from the assessment.

The VIAT provides guidance in a hard copy book. A number of tools are also available on a dedicated web area.


IVR are available to provide additional follow-on support if required.

Existing Users

  • Volunteer Scotland
  • Volunteer Now
  • WCVA

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