VIP Star

Published21st January 2014

The VIP Star is a holistic tool which measures progress (distance travelled) towards maximising independence and well-being for people with a visual impairment. As well as providing outcomes data, it is also a key-work tool which has been shown to improve service user engagement, support change and make key-work more consistent and outcomes focused.


The VIP Star consists of a number of scales arranged as a Star. Alongside this are detailed and summary descriptions of the behaviour, attitudes and skills which service users are likely to show at each point on each scale. These scales are underpinned by a Journey of Change , an explicit model of the steps that people take towards their final goals. The tool is completed collaboratively by the service user and worker within a key-work session and has been shown to empower service users as well as measuring outcomes data. The first time it is used it provides a baseline measure. Subsequent uses show progress from that baseline for that individual. The results are displayed visually on the Star Chart which provides both worker and service user with an accessible and meaningful summary of change. The scores can be aggregated to provide project or programme level data and allow benchmarking and comparative analysis.


Triangle provides an initial one day course for key-workers which equips them to use the Star with service users. Additional courses are available including a two day course which explores the use of the Star to motivate service user change in more depth, a manager s course and practice reviews for those who are already using the tool. Triangle can also train and license an organisation s own trainers to train and support the use of the Star in their own organisation. In addition to training the Star is supported by a web-based application called the Star Online which enables online completion on a laptop, tablet or mobile and produces a range of reports on individual and service level outcomes. Implementation packages and on-going consultancy support are also available.

Existing Users

  • Pocklington Trust
  • Blind Veterans UK

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