Published21st January 2014

Developed by social research and technology company Substance, Views is the smart, intuitive impact reporting platform that makes measuring your impact easier. It was built to help community based organisations and larger national programmes with a social purpose better demonstrate, understand and improve what they do. It is smart but straightforward to use and comes with a full support package.


Record and access information about the people you work with, including participants and beneficiaries, groups and families, volunteers, staff and partner organisations. Records can include personal data, case histories, contact and session attendances, engagement levels, qualifications and outcomes and supporting evidence such as media, surveys and testimonies.

Record details about the projects and programmes you deliver, including session content, objectives and related outcomes, participants and venue information. Upload photographs, videos, audio files and text documents to evidence the impact of your work. This module links to external platforms like youtube, flickr and ipadio to avoid duplication of effort and also enables you to build, print and publish your own multi-media case studies.

Generate reports based on the data and evidence you collect. The Statistics tool allows you to progressively filter your data by a range of demographic and project delivery criteria. Statistic Summaries allow you to quickly review pre-defined data templates whilst the Report Templates tool gives you the flexibility to create and save bespoke templates that can be used to quickly compile reports in the format you and your stakeholders want them. In the Reports section these reports can then be saved, printed and shared online. Configure your Views account in a way that makes it work for you. Create and disable fields, define layouts, set user permissions and data security and link evidence and outputs to the outcomes you are working towards without the need for third party technical support.

Views integrates with a growing range of popular third party data collection, impact measurement and project management apps including Youtube, flickr, ipadio, Outcomes Star, Booking Bug and others so you can keep all your information in one place.


In addition to our extensive bank of support videos, user forums and guides our experienced training team delivers onsite or remote web based user training tailored to your needs Our outcomes experts can advise your organisation on outcome monitoring and develop a bespoke outcome framework and data model based on your work and stakeholder requirements. We want Views to be compatible with as many other systems as possible. If you are currently using another data management system or have existing data sets, our technical team can work with you to seamlessly migrate your data to Views.

Views is designed to be user-friendly and flexible, meaning that you have the power to configure the system in a way that works for you. But if you need a helping hand, our support team offers a full system configuration service. The Substance research team is experienced in writing impact and annual reports for large-scale national programmes and organisations. We can work with you to review your Views data and write an accessible report for key stakeholders. We can also conduct supplementary research where your information needs extend beyond the data held by your organisation.

Case Study


Tottenham Hotspur Foundation uses sport and other activities to engage and support children, young people and young adults living in north and east London. The Foundation, which is based at the FA Premier League football club, works in some of the most socially disadvantaged neighborhoods and seeks to improve the education and health outcomes of those they work with.


The biggest challenge Tottenham Hotspur Foundation currently face, like many other charities delivering community development programmes, is continuing to sustain and develop their work in what has become a very competitive funding environment. The Foundation recognises the on-going need to convince funders and commissioners that their projects can deliver the best outcomes for individual participants and have the biggest impact on communities. They recognise that in order to do this they must be a learning organisation, able to capture and analyse participant feedback, and ensure staff reflect on and improve their practice.


The Chief Executive at Tottenham Hotspur Foundation found out about Views through attending one of the ‰Û÷Great Monitoring and Evaluation Debate‰Ûª events organised by Substance in 2009. He valued Substance‰Ûªs insights in the sport for development sector and trusted that the organisation understood the particular challenges which he and his team faced in responding to a range of commissioner needs. For Tottenham, Views has enough flexibility to feel like a bespoke system that can track individual participant progress and the outcomes they have achieved. The Foundation is now one of the biggest advocates of the Views impact reporting platform, promoting its use on all the projects they are involved with.


Using Views and stressing the importance of tailoring programmes to individual needs has raised the quality of delivery across the Foundation‰Ûªs growing portfolio of work. The senior management team are able to make better strategic decisions, which have ensured a year on year growth of income and activities as funders from the commercial, statutory and charitable sectors invest in the organisation with growing confidence. One measure of this is that half of the Foundation‰Ûªs current staff team were once project participants themselves; something the Foundation is proud of and which Views has helped them to deliver and demonstrate.

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