Published19th May 2014

Thirdbridge is a Social Enterprise that exists to maximise the positive impact that all organisations have on society. We provide an online platform designed to build and manage partnerships between companies and charities, enabling cross-sector collaboration to tackle and solve social issues.


Thirdbridge is presented as an online network, with profile pages for companies, charities and volunteers. Charities can use the tool to search for Corporate partners to sponsor programmes or provide resources to tackle social issues. Individual profiles of professionals working at the companies in the network can also be searched to provide skilled pro-bono expertise to assist with operational issues that charities may face, covering; IT expertise, legal services, marketing, accounting and data analytics. The resulting individual and strategic partnerships and programmes can be managed through the platform. Integral to the platform is a powerful reporting tool to measure and monitor the social impact of collaboration. It is the first solution to combine corporate-charity partnership management, skilled volunteer recruitment, programme management and impact reporting.

NOTE: Future development will enable charities to use the platform to measure the social impact of all service delivery, regardless of whether company partners or volunteers are involved.


Consultancy services are available through our partner organisations to assist with the measurement of programme outcomes and impacts.

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