The Questant Process

Published21st January 2014

The Questant Process analyses an organisations service in terms of its value for money and return to the public purse. It helps you know the return on investment, whether through hard or soft capital. It measures the impact of social enterprises, support projects, community projects and many other projects.


What is the Questant Process?

It s a process analysis of your organisation. It invariably – but not always – uses validated information you already have, like management accounts, funder reports and statistical inputs. It illustrates present value. It’s a point of time economic impact analysis. It’s independent and impartial. It can be delivered at organisation, multi- or single project level. It can be delivered at 1 year, 18 month, 2 year, 3 year or five year project anniversaries. It needs minimal input from you and your team. It’s a plain English Report in a format accepted by funders. It’s delivered by an experienced consultancy with over 25 years third sector experience. It’s affordable.
The standard service has been priced to be accessible to even the smallest organisations.

Why choose the Questant Process?

The Questant Process has several advantages over more conventional RoI methods of calculation, including: Low levels of management resources needed. Reports produced within a short time frame – weeks rather than months – handy if you need to prove your worth to meet funding deadlines. Generates meaningful outcomes for your organisation. Eminently Affordable.


Additional services, at extra costs, include: user evaluations and input, presentations, full project evaluations and forecasting.

Case Study

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Existing Users

  • Scottish Marriage Care
  • Jobs & Business Glasgow
  • Glasgow Regeneration Agency
  • Major UK wide housing association

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