The MTQ48 for Young People

Published11th April 2014

The MTQ48 is a measure of Mental Toughness. Mental Toughness is best described as a personality trait which determines, in some part, how individuals perform when exposed to stressors, pressure and challenge. Measures across 4 scales (and two subscales) Challenge, Commitment, Control (Life and Emotional), Confidence (in Abilities and Interpersonal).

The MTQ48 is an effective baseline assessment/diagnostic and with a re-test (after intervention) an effective measure of distance traveled and measure of positive outcomes. AQR have a research department where analysis of data and correlations with MT scales is available (example of themes to examine for correlations – attainment, positive behaviours and attitude, retention on a programme etc ..)


A 48 item questionnaire. Feedback available instantly. Feedback comes in 1. An Individual Feedback Report 2. A Coaching Report for advisors/coach/mentor and intervention matrix to direct correct topic of intervention. Intervention Topics include Positive Thinking, Visualisation, Anxiety Control, Attentional Control and Goal Setting. A re-test after intervention provides a Distance Travelled Report to examine progress and positive outcomes.

Each user has their own unique user name and password to their own secure online account which can be accessed at any time. Data is held on a Candidate Database and can be re-visited at any time.


Full IT support available at AQR.

Existing Users

  • Catch 22
  • v Inspired
  • The Children's Society
  • Hult International Business School
  • Kick Start Enterprises
  • Call of the Wild
  • Goddard Consultants
  • GMCP (Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership)
  • OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations Board)
  • Place2Be

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