Support in the Right Direction: Explaining, measuring and demonstrating the role of Independent Support in Self-Directed Support

Published30th May 2014

This Framework has been produced by and for organisations

that provide Independent Support to help people make sense

of Self-Directed Support (SDS).

It aims to:

Explain Independent Support and its importance for helping

people gain increased choice and control in the Self-Directed

Support process.

Support evaluation by showing the outcomes that can be expected of Independent Support.


The report, which is also available in summary form, provides a detailed introduction before presenting outcome frameworks for Independent Support organisations and for people eligible for Self-Directed Support (including carers). It also includes guidance on how to evaluate the outcomes of independent support alongside a series of organisational and individual case studies.

Existing Users

  • Borders Independent Advocacy Service (BIAS)
  • Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL)
  • Self-Directed Support Scotland (SDSS)

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