Strategy for impact: NPC's practical approach to strategy development for charities

Published11th March 2015

Without strategy, charities and social enterprises will struggle to create impact. The strategy‰ÛÓand the process of developing it‰ÛÓresults in clear purpose, effective decisions, better implementation and ultimately greater impact.

This guidance shares how NPC approaches strategy development and provides charities with a framework for thinking about the strategy process.

It includes our strategy triangle which brings together a number of different models and frameworks in a tool which has been specially tailored for the charity sector.

Strategy is not one-size-fits-all. But whatever the situation,

we see strategy as being live rather than done, dusted and filed. It is a process and way of delivering mission as much as a product.

This guidance reflects the lessons learnt from our years of experience helping charities and funders develop strategy. We support organisations at various points throughout the strategy process, from full strategy reviews through to work on theory of change and internal capabilities. From every assignment we learn more about the characteristics of successful organisations and what drives good strategies.

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