St Basils, Family Action and St Mungo's: Outcomes Star

Published2nd February 2016

The Outcomes Star is a group of tools developed by Triangle that both measures and supports progress for service users towards self-reliance or other goals. There are 30 different Stars adapted for use with different service user groups including homelessness, mental health and young people. Over 500 organisations have licenses to input data into an online platform which allows for comparison within and between projects and organisations. This platform gives instant access to benchmarking data‰ÛÓwhich is anonymous and comes from data from other similar services and client groups in other organisations. The Stars are widely used in the UK and are also used in Australia, New Zealand the USA, Canada, and nine European countries. For the purposes of this review we drew on case studies of St Basils and St Mungo‰Ûªs who use the homelessness star, and Family Action who use the Family Star.

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