Software and IT tools to help with evidence collection and use

Published28th August 2014

It is increasingly important for voluntary sector organisations to evidence their impact. To help you do this there are a wide range of new technologies with the potential to help you collect, analyse and report output and outcome data. Finding the right IT tools and software can transform the way your organisation works:

– It can streamline the process of collecting and analysing data, so that it becomes an integrated part of your daily work.

– It can make analysis and visualisation of data simple and straightforward, helping to effectively communicate your results to funders or stakeholders.

– Crucially, it can make it easy to use your data on a regular basis; instead of many staff feeling like the data they collect disappears into a black hole, everyone in the organisation can feel the benefit of measuring the difference you make.

This guide gives an introduction to some of the ways IT solutions can help you and provides some examples of existing software to get you started.

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