Social Accounting and Audit

Published21st January 2014

To capture the quantitative and qualitative data from a range of stakeholders that informs the social, economic and environmental impact of an organisations activities.


Social accounting provides a means to measure performance of an organisation against its Mission, Values, Objectives and Activities as well as offering a chance to hear from the stakeholders/customers of the organisation. It allows an organisation to reconfigure services based upon the findings ensuring services are meeting the needs of a range of stakeholders.


Mentoring support from qualified social accountants and auditors. A printed and electronic manual to support organisations as they undertake the process, annual conference to share ideas and development opportunities in the field of social impact.

Existing Users

  • Neuro Muscular Centre
  • The Womens Organisation
  • The Federation of Disabled People
  • Traidcraft
  • Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition

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