Silver Dreams Fund Evaluation Indicators

Published20th June 2014

The Silver Dreams Fund is a å£10 million programme which seeks to address the gaps in provision by challenging organisations to come up with an innovative idea for a project that will “pioneer ways to help vulnerable older people deal more effectively with life-changing events”.

Big Lottery Fund commissioned Ecorys to conduct an independent formative and summative two year evaluation of the Silver Dreams Fund running from April 2012 to March 2014. As part of the evaluation Ecorys were asked to develop a set of core and optional monitoring and outcome indicators for the Silver Dreams Fund projects. The purpose of the core indicators was to ensure consistent data was collected across the Silver Dreams Fund projects, to support evaluation at programme level. A number of optional indicators were also included in recognition of that many of the Silver Dreams Fund projects had intended outcomes specific to their project. The development of the indicators was informed by an analysis of the Silver Dreams Fund projects‰Ûª intended outcomes.


This document outlines the monitoring and outcome indicators shared with the Silver Dreams Fund projects. It includes:

Beneficiary and volunteer outcome indicators

Beneficiary and volunteer monitoring indicators

Project monitoring indicators

Indicators are provided for issues associated with:



Physical activity

Physical health

Mental health and well-being

Ability to cope with bereavement, grief and trauma


Civic participation

Empowerment for carers

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