Short breaks fund easy evaluation toolkit

Published30th May 2014

This is a toolkit for helping short break providers and others to evaluate the outcomes of short breaks in any setting.


The toolkit is in three main parts with an appendix.

– Part 1 is a framework of shot break outcomes and indicators

– Part 2 is a toolkit of easy-to0use evaluation tools to measure the impact of short breaks on carers and those they care for

– Part 3 contains real life case studies of how people have evaluated short breaks in a range of settings

– An Appendix at the end describes short break outcomes more fully and how the ones in this toolkit were arrived at

Existing Users

  • CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland)
  • Epilepsy Scotland Lighthouse Short Breaks Service
  • Care for Carers
  • Amina Muslim Women's Resource Centre
  • Geeza Break
  • The Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme
  • LifeCare (Edinburgh) Limited

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