SafeLives, Empowerment and Stop Abuse for Everyone (Safe): Insights

Published2nd February 2016

SafeLives (previously known as Coordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse, CAADA) is a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, and train and support domestic violence professionals and organisations. They run the largest national database of domestic abuse cases in the UK, called Insights. Insights has records of over 40,000 unique cases of adults experiencing domestic abuse and a further 2,500 unique cases of children in domestic abuse households, and measures outcomes that indicate the safety of the victim before and after intervention. Currently, there are 42 organisations using Insights, ranging from small, local voluntary organisations (including Empowerment and Safe) to large national charities. The data is automatically sent to SafeLives, who analyse it and send users a quarterly report alongside a benchmark, which is a rolling average of all users‰Ûª data. The SafeLives team visit every user at least annually, to discuss what the data is saying and how it can help to improve practice. Insights allows commissioners, services, and national policy makers to use the same evidence to inform their work.

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