Published14th August 2014

RoundUp is an online app that organises tagged social media posts from across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It was built for groups that are involved in volunteering, community work, campaigns, fund raising, national networks grant giving but also works more broadly for employee engagement.

It’s a fun and intuitive product so there’s no training required. It’s also a recognition tool that works for individuals and groups using gaming principles. Users can earn points, climb a league table, take on missions and win awards and badges. Organisations can use it with confidence as it allows moderation whilst enabling them to showcase the very best of their people and activities easily in one place, helping them to continually raise the bar.


RoundUp is customised to match your brand.

Captures and showcases social media content from specific people across multiple social channels.

There is start-up support which includes ‘RoundUp in a Box’ to help you integrate the tool across your organisation.

Social Gaming: Points, badges and awards reward a positive culture and engaging behaviour. Each organisation can use the reward builder tool to create their own system to reward online behaviours that support your comms strategy.

Showcase: See all your social media posts in real time in one place, in the words, pictures and videos of the people creating them.

Anyone can interact with the site without logging in.

It allows moderation through intuitive admin panels and through community moderation.

It maintains safeguarding by keeping the social networks of the users private.


In addition to licensing we are able to:

Offer additional training

Add additional users as you grow

RoundUp merchanising; mugs, hoodies, mouse mats

Case Study

Jenny, a Young Advisor from the Sefton team spoke at the birthday party about her experience of using RoundUp, ‰ÛÏOne of the main benefits for me is that RoundUp helps us stay connected, keeping in touch with our colleagues, partners and other Young Advisor teams, which helps us share best practise.

Also as different people use different networks it‰Ûªs perfect as it brings them all together in one place meaning with one post we can connect with lots more people.‰Û

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