Review of outcomes tools for the homelessness sector

Published3rd June 2014

This review lists a variety of tools that can be used for evaluation by organisations working in the homelessness sector, and provides an overview of their quality.

The tools listed are those that are: most commonly used in homelessness organisations, reasonably contemporary and available for other organisations to use.

The document itself is currently accessible – though the accessibility of the tools that it points to may be subject to change.


This review covers 26 outcomes measurement tools that are relevant to organisations working in the homelessness sector. The tools covered are relevant to areas such as substance misuse, addicition, mental health and wellbeing, employability, clinical outcomes, recovery and a variety of others.

Each tool is summarised by its purpose, intended client group, support materials, cost and quality.

For each, a summary is provided of the key outcomes and organisations to which it is relevant. Quality is assessed on a five point scale against nine criteria. “


An outline of the support available (such as training, manuals and IT support) is included in the summary of each tool.

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