Results Based Accountability

Published30th June 2015

Results Based Accountability is the leading mechanism across public sector for measuring successful delivery of outcomes. The public sector is increasingly being encouraged to move away from the traditional performance management approach of ‰Û÷How much did we do?‰Ûª and the measurement of outputs to the more meaningful delivery of outcomes for customers and communities and measuring impact including ‰Û÷What difference did we make?‰Ûª.

This is also increasingly true for the voluntary sector, where competition for funding means organisations have to become better at evidencing the impact they are making across communities and nations.

Callcredit‰Ûªs Consulting Team has over 25 years of combined experience of delivering training and implementation support of Results Based Accountability (also known as Outcomes Based Accountability) which includes support for local, regional and national Central and Local Government initiatives, delivery of Community Strategies and strategic policies, more effective partnership working, and robust outcome monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

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