Project Oracle

Published11th April 2014

Project Oracle is London’s children and youth evidence hub, understanding and sharing what really works to improve outcomes for children and young people.

We do this by:

– Supporting youth organisations to evaluate their projects

– Helping commissioners and funders to benefit from the evidence

– Creating a source of independently assessed and evaluated projects: a Children & Youth Evidence Hub


We support organisations that deliver children and youth services to develop rigorous evaluation systems, processes and reliable evidence bases for their projects. Our unique model involves the integration of rigorous academic approaches to evaluation with considerations of what is practical for community-based organisations working with minimal resources.

The Standards of Evidence sit at the heart of Project Oracle. They are a framework that describes what constitutes good evidence.

The Standards of Evidence framework consists of five levels which reflect how your organisation is currently gathering and using evidence, and then identify how you can improve over time. It is not a pass-fail test, but an exercise to help you improve your evidence gathering, which in turn can improve the services that you provide.


Our services include:

Training & Validation: Children & youth organisations validate their evaluation work against internationally recognised Standards of Evidence. This is supported by training on practical approaches to evaluation and one to one support.

Research Placements: Researchers at Masters and PhD levels work on specific projects to support the development of improved evaluation.

Evidence Competition: Organisations submit their current and completed evaluations to the competition to gain recognition for their work by experts in evaluation and social research methods and the chance to win prizes.

Evidence Champions: This scheme trains programme and project commissioners in evaluation and evidence-based commissioning, to ensure that funding is targeted at those projects that are successfully evaluating what they do and able to demonstrate that they are achieving their intended outcomes.

Synthesis Studies: Youth organisations submit the evidence obtained from their evaluations to the Synthesis Studies which analyse and disseminate what’s working in London’s children & youth projects to help shape the design of projects in the future.

Outcomes Frameworks: An outcomes based approach to commissioning provides a shared framework between commissioner and beneficiary based on a logic model that shows what will happen, why and what types of data will demonstrate the case, as well as integrating use of an evaluation and tracking tool to gather data over time which shows the impact of programmes and development towards a common strategic goal.

Existing Users

  • Dance United
  • Only Connect
  • Chance UK
  • London Schools Excellence Fund
  • Trust For London
  • Transport For London
  • Tender
  • Apps for Good

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