Point K Learning Centre

Published27th March 2014

The Point K Learning Centre’s free tools and resources help nonprofits and funders look inward, so they can achieve a greater outward impact.

Learn. Point K helps organizations develop knowledge: knowledge about evaluation, and knowledge about the results of their own programs.

Collaborate. Point K makes it easy for you to report evaluation findings to stakeholders and share your success.

Do more. Point K provides tools and resources to help you plan and evaluate your efforts, learn what works, improve your effectiveness, and better serve your communities.


Advocacy Evaluation

We define advocacy as ‰ÛÏa wide range of activities conducted to influence decision makers at various levels.‰Û This means not only traditional advocacy work like litigation, lobbying, and public education, but also capacity building, network formation, relationship building, communication, organizing, and leadership development. You’ll find more than 100 reports, white papers, websites, and tools for the evaluation of advocacy efforts in the Point K Resource Collection.

Capacity Building

To be effective, evaluation needs to happen methodically. It works best as part of an organization’s everyday activities, rather than a one-time effort. If an organization has major infrastructure challenges, staffing issues, technical problems, and the like, effective evaluation may not be possible. You’ll find dozens of resources here to help with general capacity building and organizational development, to set the stage for evaluation and ongoing learning.

Programme Evaluation

Innovation Network shares know-how for social change. These resources are for nonprofits and funders looking to understand the difference they are making. You’ll find focus group guides, survey-writing tips, logic model how-tos, basic statistics analysis help, and much more.

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