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Our Resource Hub is a one-stop shop for impact resources and tools relevant to improving impact practice, such as guidance, research, outcomes frameworks and surveys. The Resource Hub has been developed with input from resource providers, funders, impact specialists and front-line charity staff.

If you already know what you are looking for you can find resources by using the filters that match your needs and/or entering keywords, individual resource names or features in the search box. You might want to use Measuring Up! first to identify the areas of impact practice you can improve and the sorts of resources that will help you.

Remember that the more filters and search criteria you apply, the fewer the results that will be displayed. So if you want to search the whole database using keywords then click the ‘Clear All Filters’ box before you use the search box. If you can’t find the resource you want or if you know of other resources that you think could be listed here, please get in touch.

Qualitative Impact Protocol

Published27th January 2017
Expertise Required Moderate

The Qualitative Impact Protocol (QuIP) is a simple and cost-effective way to gather, analyse and present feedback from intended beneficiaries about significant drivers of change in their lives. This ground breaking approach is promoted by Bath Social & Development Research Ltd (Bath SDR), a small values-led consultancy founded by researchers from the Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.

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Reading Outcomes Framework Toolkit

Published11th January 2017
Expertise Required Very Easy
The toolkit is freely available and can be used by anyone working to encourage reading for pleasure and empowerment, for example charities, libraries, schools, colleges, early years settings, prisons, family learning professionals and the health sector. It will help you understand, demonstrate and improve the impact of your activity to...
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Measuring the Good Handbook to develop an impact measurement plan

Published26th September 2016
Expertise Required Very Easy
Measuring the Good is a step‰Ûby‰Ûstep, structured framework for charities and social enterprises to develop and improve their impact measurement with the support of a mentor. The mentor provides face-to-face support acting as an independent facilitator and applying their management expertise. The Handbook contains information for both the organisation and...
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MAP Tool

Published26th August 2016
Expertise Required Easy

The MAP Tool is an innovative financial health measurement tool that has been developed by Toynbee Hall as a shared resource for the advice sector.

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Evidence for Success: The guide to getting evidence and using it

Published28th June 2016
Expertise Required Very Easy

The Evidence for Success guide offers easy to follow, step-by-step guidance and resources to support organisations to use evidence to influence policy and practice. It is for anyone who wants to use evidence to improve policy and practice, regardless of the level of experience they have in doing so.

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Social Impact Framework and Evaluation Consultancy

Published24th May 2016

Define Measurables ‰ÛÒ Measure Change ‰ÛÒ Evaluate Performance

We help organisations to research and define their aims, objectives, outputs and outcomes. We offer training to capacity build or consultancy to assist organisations.

We work with the public, educational and third sector to help them evaluate their performance.

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Using Research Evidence: A Practice Guide

Published12th May 2016
Expertise Required Very Easy

This practice guide from the Alliance for Useful Evidence and Nesta's Innovation Skills Team, has been created to help you use research evidence to improve your work.

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Standard for Producing Evidence of the Effectiveness of Interventions

Published29th March 2016
Expertise Required Very Easy

The main aim of this Standard of Evidence is to provide an agreed process that people can consistently use to produce evidence of the effectiveness of their interventions, i.e., to produce evidence of 'what works'.

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Monitoring Systems using Salesforce CRM – Free licenses and consultation

Published24th March 2016
Expertise Required Moderate

Create monitoring tools and systems using Salesforce CRM - offers 10 free users licenses to non-profits.

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SafeLives, Empowerment and Stop Abuse for Everyone (Safe): Insights

Published2nd February 2016
Expertise Required Moderate
SafeLives (previously known as Coordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse, CAADA) is a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, and train and support domestic violence professionals and organisations. They run the largest national database of domestic abuse cases in the UK, called Insights. Insights has records of over 40,000 unique...
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