Office for National Statistics

Published21st January 2014

The main responsibilities of ONS are the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of a range of economic, social and demographic statistics relating to the UK in conjunction with the National Statistician.


ONS is responsible for the production of a wide range of economic and social statistics, including: the UK’s National Accounts (such as Gross Domestic Product, National Income and Expenditure) the UK Balance of Payments population, demography and migration government output and activity business output and activity prices (such as consumer and producer) the labour market (such as employment, unemployment and earnings) vital events (such as births, marriages, morbidity and deaths) social statistics (for example statistics about neighbourhoods and families).


In addition to compiling and sharing national statistics the ONS runs library and information services with all holdings viewable on a library catalogue. The ONS also provides statistical training services.

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