Measuring the Good Handbook to develop an impact measurement plan

Published26th September 2016

Measuring the Good is a step by step, structured framework for charities and social enterprises to develop and improve their impact measurement with the support of a mentor.

The mentor provides face-to-face support acting as an independent facilitator and applying their management expertise.

The Handbook contains information for both the organisation and the mentor about each Step of the programme and also references some useful tools and resources including Inspiring Impact’s Measuring Up! and the Outcomes Matrix on page 10 and 22.


The Handbook is divided into four sections:

1. An introduction to Measuring the Good which includes background information about impact measurement.

2. The Steps involved

3. Further resources

4. Impact and reach of the programme


The Handbook is designed to accompany the organisation and the mentor as they go through the Steps. Our research has shown that the real benefits arise from the interaction between the two parties. It would therefore not provide a satisfactory result for an organisation to undergo the Steps without the external support of the mentor.

There are several delivery partners that can manage this process. Please contact for more information.

Case Study

Three separate case studies can be found at the back of the Handbook on pages 28, 29 and 30.

Existing Users

  • UJIA
  • Team London
  • Help the Hospices
  • SIFA Fireside
  • Bipolar UK
  • Nightline Association
  • Kensington & Chelsea Foundation
  • Camden Carers Centre
  • Holloway Neighbourhood Group
  • Voluntary Action Islington

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