MAP Tool

Published26th August 2016

The MAP Tool is an innovative financial health measurement tool that has been developed by Toynbee Hall as a shared resource for the advice sector. It allows organisations to assess the financial health of their beneficiaries, ensure that they get the most effective help, and track their progress throughout an intervention.

The MAP Tool is a sophisticated online survey system that allows organisations to survey beneficiaries, drawing on a bespoke financial well-being question bank that has been developed with detailed input from over 300 experts and practitioners from across the financial health and inclusion sector.


The MAP Tool allows organisations to:

Better understand the needs of individual service users to provide them with the most appropriate service(s);

Better understand their client body as a whole

Capture and report robust and accurate evaluation data to funders;

Compare service outcomes across projects using a standard financial health evaluation framework;

See beneficiary need and service outcomes in a regional and national context;

Identify effective practice and improve services;

Gather evidence to show strong outcomes to partner organisations, funders and other stakeholders.


The MAP Tool team provide a range of technical and evaluation support services to ensure that organisations get the best possible use out of the system. Our services include:

– Contributing to funding applications;

– Developing Theories of Change;

– Designing evaluation plans;

– Configuring the Tool to meet partner requirements;

– Delivering system training sessions;

– Providing technical support;

– Providing in-project learning;

– Data analysis (from MAP Tool and other sources);

– Qualitative research;

– Report writing.

Existing Users

  • Affinity Sutton
  • Capitalise - London's Debt Advice Partnership
  • London Housing Financial Inclusion Group
  • St Luke's Hub

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