LG Inform

Published30th May 2014

Local Government Inform (LG Inform) is a practical response to the local government sector’s call for greater freedom to take responsibility for its own improvement and increase transparency with the public. This online service allows you to access, compare and analyse data, and present your findings online or offline.

Developed by the LGA and local authority champions, LG Inform builds on the success of its prototype to give councils and fire and rescue services access to over 1,800 items of relevant contextual and performance data.

The search and reporting functionality allow users to assess performance locally, regionally and nationally across all areas of England.


LG Inform presents you with up-to-date published data about your local area and the performance of your council or fire and rescue authority. Whether you‰Ûªre interested in scrutiny, a particular service area, or simply need an overview, it can help you review and compare performance with other authorities.

Through the search function, both registered and public users can find numerous reports using keywords, themes, tags, publisher amongst other options. Search also gives access to all the LGA standard reports. There is one for every metric in the database and they show the data for your selected metric and chosen area compared to your chosen comparison group and presents this in a number of useful visualisations.

If you are a registered user of LG Inform you have an additional level of personalisation in LG Inform you can: edit your homepage dashboard to make it relevant to your role; set your default area; add logos for use in your reports and create your own comparison groups.

The LG Inform Knowledge hub group is a place to share ideas, comments and news about LG Inform. Join this group to hear more about future plans of LG Inform and share with us your thoughts and ideas for the system.

In the library section of the group you can find some short videos that walk through some LG Inform user journeys.


There are several different help areas in LG Inform.

FAQs – these are divided up to describe various sections of LG Inform

User guides – several pdfs can be downloaded from LG Inform which walk through some of the main users journeys in the system

Glossary – this describes the main terms that are used on the site and can be found under the FAQ section

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