JET in Northern Ireland

Published11th March 2015

The Northern Ireland NEETs Forum and the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) want to improve the impact measurement and practice of organisations and interventions working with young people to reduce youth unemployment. The Journey to EmploymenT (JET) Framework for Northern Ireland was selected as a tool to help with this goal. It is an adapted version of the Journey to Employment (JET) Framework for Great Britain.

NPC worked in partnership with the Northern Ireland NEETs Forum, DEL, and Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland to add additional outcomes specific to a Northern Irish context, including perceptions of personal safety, inter-community engagement, support from family and friends, and resisting negative peer influence. Six organisations received support from Community Evaluation Northern Ireland (CENI) to pilot the adapted framework, with a further eight organisations participating in the pilot on an unsupported basis, owing to high demand. The pilot took place from June to September 2014, after which the framework was adapted to reflect the feedback of the participating organisations.

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