IRIS User Registry

Published21st January 2014

The IRIS user registry acknowledges organizations that are currently using IRIS metrics as part of their performance measurement practices. The IRIS user registry also highlights examples of IRIS use as a resource for the growing community of organizations interested in utilizing IRIS.


The IRIS user registry is a searchable catalog of IRIS users, with profiles for each registered organizations. These profiles describe each organization’s IRIS use, lists the metrics used and include any relevant documents, such as impact reports, about the organization. Organizations are not required to report data against these metrics, and there is no value judgement about listed organizations.


Organizations receive a user badge in recognition of their use of standardized metrics. The badge is for use in social impact reporting material and is not a seal or certification.

Organizations listed on the IRIS user registry also receive customized updates when revisions to the IRIS Catalog (completely approximately every two years) influence the metrics tracked by the organization.

Case Study

Nearly 30 leading impact investors signed signed a letter of support for IRIS, recognized standardized social and environmental performance as an industry best practice and strongly encouraging peer ‰ÛÏimpact investment funds and their portfolio companies to adopt IRIS for their performance reporting.‰Û

‰ÛÏThis most recent work of the IRIS initiative and the Global Impact Investing Network signals a new level of sophistication for the impact investing industry. We applaud the pioneering funds and associations that contributed to this first IRIS report and hope more impact investment practitioners will join them.‰Û ‰ÛÏWe believe that a common framework for social and environmental reporting is necessary to reduce inefficiency, increase comparability, and facilitate performance benchmarking and other analyses that support investment decision-making. Developed by a range of industry experts and with public feedback, the Global Impact Investing Network‰Ûªs Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) provide an independent and credible set of common financial, social, and environmental measures for performance reporting.‰Û

A series of IRIS user case studies are available on the IRIS website at

Existing Users

  • The Ford Foundation - PRI Fund
  • Community Capital Management, Inc. (CCM)
  • IDB-Opportunities for the Majority
  • Root Captial
  • Credit Suisse

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