How to evaluate play - and play organisations

Published30th May 2014

This pack describes what the play sector does, how it makes a difference and how it links to local and national outcomes. It identifies ways that play organisations can realistically demonstrate their difference though use of evidence and, lastly, it begins to help us to identify some common ground to assess when play organisations can have the most impact.

The work has been developed with input from experts in the play field. Whilst commissioned by the Scottish Government, both local and national government can use it to understand the case for play and the play sector. Funders can also use it to understand the case for play, the context for particular grant applications, and what can be done to evaluate play

projects at a community level.


The report presents a logic model for evaluating the play sector which is presented in summary, diagrammatic and narrative form. It also includes an outcome framework including common methods for evaluating the outcomes of play organisations. Four case studies are also included to illustrate the model. A detailed evidence review and play outcome indicators are included in the appendix

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