Homelessness Statistics

Published3rd June 2014

A series of statistical reports relating to statutory homelessness, rough sleeping and homelessness prevention and relief.

Open Government License: Allows re-use of information free of charge.


Statutory homelessness statistics cover: the number of people for whom local authorities have accepted a statutory homelessness duty; the number of households in temporary accommodation (both are also analysed on a seasonally adjusted basis).

Homelessness prevention and relief statistics cover: the number of instances of prevention and relief; the number of households assisted in obtaining alternative accommodation; the number of households assisted to remain in their existing home; and the most common actions taken to prevent or relieve homelessness.

Rough sleeping statistics cover: the numbers of people sleeping rough in England, and by local authority.

Data is also provided detailing the number of families living in bed and breakfast accommodation for more than six weeks.


A guide is provided alongside this data series, whilst the responsible statistician (above) can be contacted with any queries.

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