Home-Start UK and Home-Start Mid-Suffolk: MESH

Published2nd February 2016

Home-Start UK is a national charity that supports parents to build better lives for their children. The MESH (Monitoring and Evaluation System in Home-Start) system is used by local Home-Start schemes (including Mid-Suffolk) to monitor and evaluate their outcomes around parenting skills, parental wellbeing, child wellbeing and household management. The local Home-Starts have significant reach‰ÛÓdata on 35,000 families and 70,000 children will be collected this year through MESH, giving Home-Start a large and rich dataset. Data is collected from standardised referral forms and the information collected by Home-Start staff during initial, review and end sessions with the families they support. In addition weekly volunteer diary data is collated giving a detailed picture of the customised support offered to each family. Local Home-Starts input their data into a database which allows them to run standardised reports or export raw data, and for Home-Start UK to access the data at a national level.


Please contact Home-Start or a regional Home-Start charity to find out more about the MESH forms.

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