Harmonising Reporting Working Group: Report to the Scotland Funders‰Ûª Forum

Published30th May 2014

The Scotland Funders‰Ûª Forum recognises that funders do not always get what they need from the reports they receive from funded organisations. Reporting does not always give them a clear picture of the difference their funding has made or the lessons learned. At the same time the reporting process can be burdensome for funded organisations and may not give them reports which are useful to show the difference they make. The current system is not working.

This is a report of a practical project to tackle this problem. It builds on previous work in this area ‰ÛÒ in particular research for the Scotland Funders‰Ûª Forum conducted by New Philanthropy Capital ‰Û÷Turning the Tables‰Ûª (2008).


The report is focused coves a number of areas including How we report; What goes in the report; Harmonising language; Supporting reporting; and Financial reporting. It also includes a series of good practice for funders notes and a reporting template.

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