Global Value Exchange

Published13th March 2014

It’s link between outcomes and valuations helps users to understand the social value created by their activities.


The Global Value Exchange is a database of Outcomes (things that change), Indicators (ways to measure how much of the change has happened), Stakeholders (the people or groups of people who are affected by the change) and Valuations (the relative value of that change to that stakeholder). All four types of entry on the site are interlinked and can be visualised in a range of ways. The site allows users to browse for information that may help them with their impact reporting. Users can also upload their own entries and be ‘the creators of knowledge’. They are able to create links between entries and create a chain of events to fit into a ‘theory of change’. They can view an outcome matrix which displays all of the outcomes from one organisation. Lastly, users are able to interact with the information on the site by leaving comments and questions for the authors.


There are online guides and presentations to help users interact with the site. There will also be regular webinars that users can sign up to for free.

Existing Users

  • SROI Network
  • Intentionality
  • Social Impact Analysts Association
  • Can Invest
  • New Economics Foundation
  • Inspiring Impact

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