Getting Started in Social Impact Measurement

Published20th June 2014

This guide is for people working or volunteering in small and medium-sized organisations who are new (or fairly new) to social impact measurement. It will enable you to select a method or tool to fit your organisation‰Ûªs needs. It can also be useful to funders, investors and those involved in the procurement process to help you to write appropriate social impact measurement into the commissioning process.


This guide is divided into three parts. Each part has been developed to take you a step further toward understanding and making choices about social impact measurement. You can follow each section in order or go to the final section to familiarise yourself with the available tools before making your choices.

BACKGROUND This section will explain what social impact measurement is and introduce you to some of the common terms used to describe measurement methods and quality systems.

MAKING CHOICES This section consists of questions and statements that help you think about the many ways you can use social impact

measurement. Answering the questions will also help you to find out how ready you are to start measuring impact. This section is in three parts:

•âá Questions and statements

•âá Your list of options

•âá Criteria table

FINDING OUT MORE This section is useful if you want to know a bit more about the tools and methods appearing in this guide. It also gives you a list of resources and websites you can go to for

further information.


The Guild also offers a paid for product titled Social Impact Measurement Toolbox: a ‰Û÷consultant in a box‰Ûª aimed at small to medium sized organisations which takes into account your starting point and the extent of changes that might occur, shows how to provide the most useful/robust information to those who need it and makes the most of what you already do. It also prepares you to do more, ending with an Action Plan for you to put in place to measure the social impact of the work that you do.

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