Evaluating Volunteer Impact

Published17th February 2017

Clinks have developed a set of evaluation tools for volunteering projects run by VCSE organisations working around the Criminal Justice System.

These tools adapt sections of the Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit (VIAT), which is produced by the Institute for Volunteering Research, research wing of Volunteering England. The original VIAT is intended for use by all kinds of volunteer-involving organisations in all sectors of work. Clinks have adapted those generic tools specifically for use by organisations that work with offenders and their families.


Clinks have created additional resources that can be used alongside those provided in the original VIAT. These are referred to by filename in the list below:

Four questionnaires targeted at different stakeholder groups:

Questionnaire ‰ÛÒ peer volunteers.xlsx

Questionnaire ‰ÛÒ service users.xlsx

Questionnaire ‰ÛÒ staff.xlsx

Questionnaire ‰ÛÒ volunteers.xlsx

Four interview schedules that can be used to gather qualitative information, also targeted at the same four stakeholder groups:

Interview and focus group schedule ‰ÛÒ peer volunteers.xlsx

Interview and focus group schedule ‰ÛÒ service users.xlsx

Interview and focus group schedule ‰ÛÒ staff.xlsx

Interview and focus group schedule ‰ÛÒ volunteers.xlsx

Four spreadsheets to analyse questionnaire data, as well as one template spreadsheet to allow you to analyse questions you have written yourself:

Analysis sheet ‰ÛÒ peer volunteers questionnaire.xlsx

Analysis sheet ‰ÛÒ service users questionnaire.xlsx

Analysis sheet ‰ÛÒ staff questionnaire.xlsx

Analysis sheet ‰ÛÒ volunteers questionnaire.xlsx

A spreadsheet to help analyse qualitative data from the interviews:

Analysis sheet ‰ÛÒ interviews and focus groups.xlsx

These resources are intended to be used with the original VIAT ‰ÛÒ to supplement it, rather

than replace it. If you are thinking of conducting a volunteering impact assessment using

the original VIAT, they will give you more options to choose from when gathering, analysing and presenting data.

You‰Ûªre free to use these resources on their own, but we strongly recommend that if you are interested in using them, you should purchase a VIAT from Volunteering England (see www.volunteering.org.uk). It will help you to think through the things you want to assess, as well as showing you how to plan and conduct the assessment.

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