ESS Support Guide 1.1: Clarifying your aims, outcomes and activities

Published29th May 2014

This guide is a basic introduction. It helps you work out what your outcomes are and how to write them. It clarifies the connection between what you do (your services and activities) and the impact you are trying to make (your outcomes). It introduces the Weaver’s Triangle (otherwise known as the CES Planning Triangle)


Guidance on clarifying aims, outcomes and activities which incorporates an example Weaver‰Ûªs Triangle, adapted from the Charities Evaluation Services Planning Triangle (please see for more information). Jayne Weaver worked for CES and developed the Triangle for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. It is a simple logical framework to help ensure that a project‰Ûªs activities are consistent with the results it wants to achieve.


Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) works with voluntary organisations and funders so that they can measure and report on their impact.

Its aim is to make evaluation valuable, relevant and proportionate. Information about the services it provides are available on the ESS website

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